ANEMONA, the daughter of the wind.

Do you know the story behind our leotard?

Legend has it that the Nymph of Flowers, called Chloris, lived in a garden. Zephyrus, the Spirit of the West Wind, used to visit the garden to see her because he was in love with her.
But other nymphs also lived in the garden, including Anemone, a beautiful, pure and sweet nymph. Upon seeing her, Zephyr fell madly in love with her, provoking the jealousy of Chloris and expelling Anemone from the Garden into the forest.

One day walking through the forest, Zephyrus found Anemone badly wounded and about to die. He gathered her body and protected her with extreme delicacy, turning her into a delicate flower that grows at the foot of the trees when spring blooms.

And so the Anemone is the representation of the purest love between two people who love each other but couldn't be together.

Maillot Anemona Calathea

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