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Long skirts

Immerse yourself in the world of ballet with our long skirts for ballerinas. Designed to elevate your look and enhance your pirouettes and big jumps, these skirts are perfect for any dancer, from beginner to professional.

Our skirts are more than a garment, they are an invitation to express yourself and enjoy each dance step with all the comfort and security that we need when dancing. Combine the art of ballet with the latest fashion trends and feel radiant on stage and in dance classes.

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  • titanium skirt

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  • Arena skirt

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    ethereal skirt

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  • Altea skirt

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  • Buganvilla skirt

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  • Scotland skirt

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  • black skirt

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Discover our collection and elevate your dance look today.

How long are ballet midi skirts?

Our ballet midi skirts are designed to hug your movements and enhance your figure, our skirts offer the perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

The length of the midi skirts varies between 58 cm and 62 cm long and they are cut on the bias 360º to achieve the flare that makes your pirouettes stand out on stage, at a dance audition or simply in class. 

If you have doubts you can consult the size guide or write to us and we will advise you so that you get the skirt that best suits your needs.

What material are our long ballet skirts made of?

The long skirts are made of extra fine, ethereal and soft transparent tulle. They are ballet skirts with a lot of flare so that they float during your pirouettes thanks to our 360º bias cut, full circle without seams to achieve a very beautiful drape.