At Calathea we are committed to sustainable consumption and production. Our social and environmental objectives are based on the use of quality materials that extend the life of our garments, the incorporation of sustainable fibers, the responsible use of the resources we use and local production. The combination of all of them helps us move towards a circular economy with responsible consumption and a reduction in the use of raw materials.

At least 50% of the total fiber used for the production of our collections is recycled or regenerated fiber.

The excessive consumption of virgin fibers for the manufacture of garments is one of the biggest problems facing the textile industry. Within the dancewear sector, it is not common to find garments that incorporate sustainable fibers, as is already the case in other sportswear sectors.

Calathea is one of the first Spanish dancewear brands to use sustainable fabrics in its collection. Our objective in the short term is to position ourselves as a reference Spanish brand for dancers, with a use of regenerated materials superior to 70%.


For the manufacture of our leotards we have incorporated fabrics with different fibers that meet sustainability standards:


100% nylon fiber regenerated from fishing nets recovered from the ocean and other nylon remains such as fabric discards, which can infinitely regenerate into new fiber without losing its qualities in any of the processes, so it maintains the same properties as nylon. virgin nylon fiber.


 Ecological nylon 6.6 fiber, obtained from regenerated raw materials, which meets precise traceability requirements. More than half of Q-NOVA® fiber is made from pre-consumer waste: these materials could not be reused in any other way and their disposal would require external resources. The selected waste material is re-melted in a mechanical process that regenerates it and returns it to Fulgar in the form of a polymer, to then go on to successive processing.


Recycled 100% polyester fiber from post-industrial and post-consumer waste (bottles, films...) that maintains the same properties as virgin polyester.


We are aware of the difficulty of achieving sustainable 100% production due to the complexity of the product and the processes, which is why we also use fabrics generated with virgin synthetic fibers, because our missionis make the dancer feels comfortable, favored and unique with our clothes and sustainability is the path we have chosen to reach our goal.

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All our ballet garments have their corresponding labeling in accordance with European regulations. In them you will be able to see the composition of the different fabrics used to make our leotards and dance skirts.

It is important to know that the percentage of sustainable fiber that a garment contains varies with respect to the percentage of materials within the garments. That is why we have incorporated the labeling Conscious ballerina to our garments in which we indicate the total percentage of sustainable fiber that each of our leotards contains.

Polyamide fabrics with fiber ECONYL® 100% regenerated, are composed of a 78% regenerated polyamide fiber and 22% elastane fiber.

The polyamide fabrics with Q-NOVA® fiber are composed of a 80% polyamide fiber and a 20% elastane fiber. Within the polyamide fiber 80%, the 60% is fiber Q-NOVA® and the remaining 40% are conventional fibers.

fiber polyester fabrics Ecoantex®, 100% recycled polyester fiber, are composed of a 85% recycled polyester fiber and 15% elastane fiber. 


For the creation of our products we consider that good work, knowledge and closeness are fundamental pillars. That is why we only work with professionals who share our values.

In addition to the drawing of our unique and exclusive prints, the entire production process, from pattern making to printing and clothing, is carried out entirely in Spain.

This allows us to take a closer look at all the details of our products, to continuously improve the quality and extend the life of our leotards. In addition, we help create a positive impact in our community, no matter how small.