Ballet leotards

Feel unique with our ballet and dance leotards made for all women. Discover our selection of captivating creations, with hand-painted designs, that highlight the originality and unique savoir-faire of Calathea Dancewear.
A unique and exclusive piece to enjoy while you dance. A style that moves with you.

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Elevate your ballet leotard collection and give it a modern and different touch. A comfortable, sustainable and exclusive jersey that combines innovation and craftsmanship to create timeless elegance.

What jersey designs you have?

All are Exclusive designs. We want to make your jersey a unique piece, which is why we follow an artisanal process, hand-painting each of its motifs before being printed on our fabrics. If you are looking for a bolder design, our line of printed jerseys, with transparencies and prints original Y colorful, it's perfect for you. If you are looking for a more classic line for your daily classes, we recommend our collection Essentials, with plain jerseys simpler ones in one or more shades of color.

What to take into account when buying a ballet leotard?

  • Size: For the dancer to feel optimal comfort, it is essential to ensure that the size of the leotard is appropriate. Knowing your measurements is essential to ensure success in choosing the size. 
  • Material: Pay attention to the material, its breathability and flexibility. Keep in mind that you are going to move a lot with it and you will want to be comfortable at all times. Bet on tissue with muscle compression, they relieve inflammation and promote recovery during exercise. 
  • Style: Dance is an art with which we can express ourselves. The garment we wear should be part of that expression and make us feel comfortable in both form and style.

How does Calathea size and what sizes are your jerseys available in?

The sizing varies depending on our models, in most cases our clients wear their usual size. All our models are available from XS to L. Check our size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

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