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About us


When we look at ourselves in the mirror of our ballet classes, we see demanding dancers, who strive to exceed each goal; unique, each with its own style; creative, in their way of understanding dance; and above all, committed and passionate.

Like all of them, we want it to be Calathea, a brand made by and for today's dancers.


Our hallmark is our unique and exclusive prints. We want to make our leotards something special, different and recognizable. That is why we only create limited editions and hand-paint all our designs.

The process begins by drawing the sketch of our pattern in pencil, which we then paint in watercolours. Each motif is made one by one, like pieces of a puzzle that fit together to form the final composition and that we will print on the different fabrics with which we make our leotards.


Calathea is for all women in love with dance and looking for something different.

From the professional dancer who spends hours in the studio, the one who simply enjoys her passion in her free time, and the one who decides to start teaching regardless of age. Because to wear a dance leotard and look great it is not necessary to have years of training.


At Calathea we are committed to sustainable consumption and production, through the use of quality materials that contribute to long-lasting products, and the responsible use of the resources we use.

For this we have introduced sustainable materials such as ECONYL®, regenerated nylon fiber from fishing nets recovered from the ocean and other nylon waste such as fabric discards, which can infinitely regenerate into new fiber without losing its qualities in any of the processes, thus maintaining the same properties as the fiber virgin nylon.

We are aware of the difficulty of achieving sustainable 100% production due to the complexity of the product and the processes, which is why we also use fabrics generated with virgin synthetic fibers. Because our mission is that the dancer feels comfortable, favored and unique with our garments and sustainability is the path we have chosen to reach our goal.

Production MADE IN SPAIN

For the creation of our products we consider that good work, knowledge and closeness are fundamental pillars. That is why we only work with professionals who share our values.

In addition to the drawing of our unique and exclusive prints, the entire production process, from pattern making to printing and clothing, is carried out entirely in Spain.

This allows us to be able to take a closer look at all the details of our products, in order to continuously improve quality. We also contribute to creating a positive impact in our community, no matter how small.

made to last

In ballet not everything is beautiful and ethereal, most of it is sweat, effort and many hours of intense training.

That is why we use Spanish and Italian fabrics, which favor the durability of our leotards, and which have the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate as a non-toxic product, in order to guarantee the best quality for our dancers.

We always use breathable fabrics that are resistant to pilling, with muscle control and figure shaping to make them feel flattering, quick-drying and extra soft for a greater feeling of comfort.


A dancer will always want to go higher, spin one more pirouette or jump further, and our demand is the same. Our mission is to create dancewear that really suits their needs and gives them confidence and security, so they only have to worry about dancing.

WHY Calathea?

Calathea is a tropical plant characterized by the beauty of its leaves. It is known as the dancing plant, since it is in continuous movement. During the day its leaves open and when the sun goes down they close again.

Just as Calathea spends the day dancing, we want our leotards to dance with you and accompany you in every dance step, so you can dazzle both on stage and in class.

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