Today we want to leave you some basic aspects to take into account when buying a leotard so that it is a success.

There are many times that we find ourselves somewhat lost when buying a dance leotard or that we get carried away only by a beautiful presentation and the result ends up being a feeling of having wasted our money. The choice you make will have an impact on your performance in class or at a performance, so it is important that the jersey you choose offers the look, comfort and functionality you need. 

1. The feeling

Two fundamental aspects to look out for are the fabric and the construction of the garment.  A good quality leotard will fit your body like a second skin. It is important that you check all the seams and finishes because good tailoring will make the leotard last longer and support your workouts.  When you try it on, the leotard should not be loose or bunched up in areas such as the chest, stomach, hips or shoulders. Nor should it be so tight that you feel constricted. A good leotard will stretch, fit and move with you.

 TIP : To see if the leotard fits your body well, perform various movements when trying it onYou can make a souple, with one arm in first and fifth position, and a cambré to see that its straps do not move and that it does not make wrinkles in the back, and you can jump a little to see what support it has. With these simple movements you can get an idea of how the leotard will behave during a normal class

2. The fabric

The fabrics of polyamide and polyester they are extremely elastic, which gives you a look tight and a lot flexibility to the leotard. Our recommendation is to bet on compressive fabrics with muscle retention, we are not used to seeing it applied in dance clothes but we will have seen it in sportswear. If it is good for sports, why not for dance? These fabrics relieve muscle swelling and inflammation, helping the rmuscle recovery after each exercise. They are also fully breathable garments that repel moisture, so you will not feel wet or sweaty during exercise.

TIP: Always look at the label of your leotard have the composition of your fabric. A good indicator that you are doing a secure purchase it's a correct labeling. European legislation indicates that all textile products must include a mandatory minimum of information (Brand Name, Tax Identification Number, ...) and among them the composition of the garment expressed in %, where it has been manufactured, size and washing symbols or beware.


3. The color

The color of a garment is essential not only in a jersey but in all our clothes since the color can illuminate or darken the face and our expression. Knowing the colors that best suit you will help us choose the clothes that best suit us. Traditionally, when we think of a ballet leotard we automatically think of pink but it may not go with you. Luckily there is an increasing variety of colors to choose from among the entire offer of leotards that we find on the market.

TIP: Replace the classic black leotard with one that is printed or with small details in other colors. The Patterns create a camouflage effect, stylizing the figure when drawing less defined lines than if we were wearing a single color jersey. Plus, they'll make a good impression on big days.

4. Size matters

How many times do we want to buy a leotard online because there isn't anything alike in stores but we don't know what size to choose? When choosing the size we must know the following measurements:

BUST (1): It is the contour of the widest part of the chest, keeping the tape horizontal.

WAIST (2): The narrowest part (usually the lateral flex points), keeping the tape horizontal.

HIPS (3): It would be the circumference of the widest part of your hips, keeping the tape horizontal.

TORSO (4): The most important measure when choosing a jersey. Measure from the highest point of the shoulder (between the base of the neck and the shoulder joint) through the fullest part of the chest to the groin. From there, go through the back and return to the starting point.

We must bear in mind that our streetwear size will not always coincide with the size of our jersey or any other sportswear. The elasticity of its fabrics will make us sometimes have to go up a size so that our jersey adapts perfectly to our body without oppressing us. Knowing your measurements is essential to ensure success in choosing the size, especially important is the measurement of your torso.

TIP: Choose brands that offer longer periods for exchanges and / or returns and more facilities. You will have more time to comfortably try on your jersey and you will be more confident with your purchase.

We hope to have resolved your doubts with today's post. See you soon!

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